December 19 – Finished Another Video

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So my workation (a vacation in which you still work, ldo) is going quite well. Finished up my coaching on Thursday and took Friday off because I had originally planned to go pick up my sister from college that day. That plan changed and I ended up using Friday to to record a session for my Stox video coming out in a week or so. The first session was meh (made a really awful play with bottom pair in a 3b pot against a good player that I think I over-thought badly) and the second session came out much better with some good spots and good tables.

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(my stats for the 4-tabling video…though I really wasn’t trying to LAG…it just happened =) )

Ended up going out on Friday night with some family and family friends down in Manchester. Hit up a bar and quickly realized how much of a light-weight I have become, lol. I think I only had 6 beers and then I decided it would be best to relax and water down. *sigh*. College-me would be ashamed. Had a good time though as they had live music that kicked out some classics and it was nice to see some people that I hadn’t seen in quite some time. And all of these people are very cool and supportive with what I do for a living, and very curious in a non-judgemental way…which makes for some fun conversation.

Woke up today and had lunch with my Uncle and Abdul. Bummed around for the morning then finished my video up. I decided to do audio after the session rather than live…so it was a first for that. I think the video came out pretty well as I spent some serious time hammering out some floating concepts and also a metagame spot where I looked at the range heavily. I think I may have spent a little too much time on the metagame hand (an over-bet shove spot), but I think it worked well. Hopefully the video gets the reviews that my “Expert HUD” video did (4.7/5 over 22 votes I believe)

I am probably going to go lay down for a bit before dinner. I am super tired today and have some students and sessions to do tomorrow…so I need to be awake. Hope all is well with everyone =)



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