December 2 – Productivity!??!?!

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So quite a bit has happened in the last few days. I had a long talk with my roommate on Sunday and decided that I was going to slow up a little bit on the trading front. For one I am really behind, or at least in comparison. He does put in 5x the amount of hours, so that’s not super surprising. I also wasn’t enjoying it all that much as it was, so I wanted to do it more on my own pace and also create something myself. I know recreating the wheel is silly, but it would create utility that would outweigh other things. So this week I have been waking up at reasonable hours and spending more time with poker related things.

I didn’t mention in my last post by accident but I did end up seeing a psychiatrist and getting Adderall. It was super sketch getting it. I just walked in, talked with the woman for like 5 minutes, she got some physical/mental history from me, and then just asked what meds I wanted. Totally not what I was envisioning, and tbh, not exactly what I wanted either…but w/e. Finally got my script filled today and took a little this afternoon. Works wonderfully, and it was amazing to focus like that. If that is what normal people feel like when focusing I am 100% jealous. The effects wore off a bit faster than I wanted them to, so I might layer tomorrow. We shall see what works best.

I have been doing great lately with my lists. I start each day writing my list of things to get done and feel insanely accomplished at the end of every day because of it. It also helps because then I have clear-cut things that need to be taken care of, so I am falling off task less often. The last few days have mostly been little things like bills and junk, and today I got some Xmas shopping started. Finished up my secret santa thing for 2p2 which felt good, and I think the person will enjoy what I got them. Sucks that I had to go over money the limit with shipping, but whatever, lol.

I also got put on the calendar for Stox this month, so I got started on some scripting for those videos. I have 2 videos due, and I am doing one for sure on HUD usage. This may seem like a no brainer for some of you, but I assure you there are a lot of people underusing this super important tool. The other video I am not entirely sure on yet. Any suggestions? Feels good to get back and doing some vids for them as I believe it has been about 9mo since I’ve done a video (but it feels like 2months given how quickly this damn year has gone by, lol). So hopefully I will finish video 1 tomorrow and then crank the other one out when I get back east.

Alright, I need sleep. Hope all is well with everyone



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