December 20 – “The Tank” Is Coming

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For some odd reason I keep waking up at 9:23am every single day…like…to the exact minute. Not really sure why, but it has happened for 4 days in a row. Hopefully that doesn’t hold true tomorrow as I have a student at 9a, lol. I am super tired right now but wanted to write a blog post none the less.

Woke up at 9:23a this morning and bummed around for a little bit. My dad made this awesome egg dish that we had never had before and made for a great breakfast. Finally got moving around 1p and went over to GameStop to get some Xmas shopping done. My little cousin has been on my case about losing my version of NFL Blitz for original Xbox (the only video game system other than Wii at my dad’s place). Sadly this GameStop didn’t have it, but I got a variety of games that I hope he will like (including NFL Street, which I hope is like Blitz). I actually just plugged the Xbox in tonight to my computer so I can play + listen to music + 2p2 all at the time same time. Sadly, the place didn’t have Halo 1 or 2 either, so no Xbox Live shooting for me =(

Got back, did 2 sessions, and then finished up some work work. Also started getting stuff together for “The Tank” (the new tab in case you haven’t noticed yet =) ). It will effectively be a group session led by me, with max 8 students. It should be good and the few people I showed the banner and stuff to seemed interested in it. Because the session won’t be 1-on-1 I will be charging a fraction of the price I normally charge, and also will do 1.5hr sessions rather than 1hr sessions. So we shall see how it goes. I am going to run 2 practice sessions at a discounted price after the holidays, get feedback, and then hopefully live launch after that. I think the “beta” sessions will go for like $35/person/session, and we will obviously run it longer if technical issues or w/e happen. I’ll drop more information on that page in the next few days after I hammer out some details, and suggestions are moooooooore than welcome =)

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Alright, just wanted to write something. Hopefully the holidays are going well!



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