December 28 – Christmas Cliff Notes

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So the holiday was a good one. Went down to my mom’s on Xmas eve. My sister got all bent out of shape about the plans for Xmas (divorced family plans that involve multiple meals, other considerations, and multiple states make for some fun stress), so I had to spend the better part of that day trying to calm down and not get worked up. Spent the afternoon just bumming and playing MW2, which I had never played before. The game was entirely different than Halo, totally not colorblind friendly, and a major PITA…but fun overall and a nice way to bum some hours while relaxing.

That night I went with my mom and her BF to his family’s get-together. Super awkward being in a room full of folk I have never met while all of them are blood related. I did have a fun conversation on the ride over. I jokingly asked my mom which profession she would prefer I tell people if/when they asked. I said “because obviously if I say “poker player/coach” they will all assume I am just a degenerate gambler that smashes coke and hookers”. Her BF laughed and she said “don’t laugh, people actually think that”. *sigh*


Xmas went well. I ended up waking up at 7:30a which reminded me of being a young kid again, LOL. Got some good stuff (new monitor, DJ Hero, some gift cards, a rack of sweaters, and some other awesome stuff)…which was good. Then spent most of the morning helping cook and such. The dinner/lunch comprised of all of mom’s BF’s family which was cool…but depressing to be with a whole different family and knowing mine will never really be like that again. Ended up getting out of there around 4 and headed up to NH to see my dad and the lakehouse folk. Did dessert with them, chilled out, and then passed out.

Woke up Saturday with the worst cold ever. My nose just never stopped running so my face is still totally sore for wiping my nose and such. Went out to the stables and took my lil cousin horse riding. He convinced me to go as well which was actually quite fun. My ass is still a tad sore from the trotting, but is what it is. Was a very cool way to spend a Saturday. Got home, bummed and watched some movies…then passed out.

Today I had some students to take care of, so got that all out of the way. Then played video games with my cousin and also opened his new Yahtzee game and played that together. I had forgotten how fun that game is… Played two games of that and then got to work. I got on the Stox calendar for 2 videos in January, but early in the month, so I need to get 2 videos out like ASAP. I think the first video will be a critical analysis (in-depth analysis on a mixture of hands), and the other one will be a Stox university video on planning. That is the goal as it currently lies…so I will wake up tomorrow, finish the critical analysis video and then hopefully nap before another 2 students.

Hope all is well!



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