December 9 – In NH

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The trip here was a total mess, lol. I ended up getting stopped and patted down in security at the airport over 1/2 a tube of tooth paste. The lady who did it took my tooth paste and asked me if I wanted to mail it to myself…I literally LOL’d and walked away (wtf? am I poor or something? Can I not afford a $2 tube of tooth paste?!). Had a rough time on the plane as I almost passed out on the first leg of the trip due to mistakingly being given a window seat (I have claustrophobia)…luckily managed to fall asleep ASAP and slept until Houston. Luckboxed my way to no seat mates on the second leg, and made it to Boston no issue.

Saw Carrie that night, then took the T to see my mom in the morning. Picked up the backup car, then drove up to NH to see my dad. It sucks because the backup car doesn’t let you play burned CDs in it, so I had to listen to the only CD in there, some old RHCP disc which got super boring after 1 spin. O well. Made it up to NH with no issues and just chilled the first night. I will say that I’ve only known this house as the “lake house”….so having internet and TVs in it is a whole new experience…but necessary.

This morning I woke up and it was snowing. I should have taken some pictures earlier, but I totally forgot. I think we ended up getting about 8 inches give or take. I had students at 5 and 9 but also had no external monitor. So I took a ride over to the nearest Wallyworld to grab a monitor (biggest one they had (and I bought) was 22″…boo that noise). I’ll just return it when I’m done as I hope to never use a monitor this small, with this bad of resolution, again, lol. But it will be a life saver for the next month to have an external monitor to do videos, playing, and coaching on.

Not sure what I am up to tomorrow. I know I have 3 hours of coaching, and then I think I’m going down to Boston again. Lots of driving this trip, but O well. Hope all is well everyone…



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