Feb 10 – A Clean Bill Of Health

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…well…so far anyway. I went to the doctor this afternoon to get a check up and get my chest pains looked at. My BP is still high (shocking), but my EKG results came back normal, which is good news. I need to go in tomorrow to do some lab work, and have a follow up in 2 weeks. So hopefully that all comes back solid. We shall see.

I am enjoying my “day off.” I spent an hour this morning writing a long article for my proteges on 3betting. I decided to simplify 3betting into a very basic way which should help the overall framework be more powerful. I am considering writing some more stuff tonight, but we shall see. Writing can be really relaxing, especially when I don’t feel as though I have a time line. Which reminds me that I need to keep writing the new book…I’ll get there in time…
Everything else is going well. I am thinking about drawing up a new tattoo design soon as I want something new on me. Not 100% sure which of my tattoo ideas I will go with. I’ve been considering this bird concept wrapped in Irish writing for awhile, so maybe I will finally get that one. Not sure where I want to place it yet either. My goal is to get no tattoos that are visible if I am wearing a T-shirt and shorts…but it also can’t conflict with my other tattoos. I’m considering getting it done between my hip and side of my knee…that gives me a lot of room and shouldn’t conflict with that tattoo on my left thigh. We’ll see…
And on that note, I am going to go grab some food and figure out what I want to do with the rest of my day off. I actually have tomorrow off as well, and I’ll probably just grab some sushi and play some disc golf if the wind is minimal. Hope all is well!


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