Feb 17 – Upcoming Vacation!

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The last few days have been busy (though I feel like I start every blog post with that, lol). I did a megawall on Tuesday, took Wednesday off, and did 6hrs of coaching today (which is probably my record of pure coaching hours in a day). I had to do some written DB analyses which were fun, and a really nice change of pace. It was nice to be able to work at my own pace, get things as detailed as they needed to be, and provide a nice written record of the analysis. I also had a 2hr TANK today that focused on facing 3bets….it is such a tough topic to teach because there are rarely any concretes. I still think it went very well, and I enjoyed the challenge =)
I spent about 2hrs of my day off at the bank, which is always annoying. I hate dealing with beauracratic shit, lol. Ended up gettin some shopping done after that. Got this thing called a “Bamboo Pad” which is a lot of fun. It is one of those drawing tablet things that you can use for doing various kinds of artwork on your computer with a pen+paper feel. I think I am mostly going to use it for sketching (and maybe some rough shadow and background work). But I think it will be a lot of fun to fuck around with and maybe start getting some more art created. We shall see.

I’ve also decided to take a lil mini-vacation in a few weeks. I am going to visit some college friends in NJ for their St. Paddy’s day shindig (which they throw a little while before the actual holiday). It will be nice to see them, as I haven’t seen some of them in almost 7 months. From there I will head over to Boston/NH and visit family, and then finally get back out to Vegas later in March. I think I am going to cut down my coaching load around that time, and starting taking 2 days/week and really put my nose to the grind stone on the next book project. I really want to get down to writing it hard core…I just don’t have much time atm sadly
And on that note, I am going to watch an episode of scrubs (I found all of the seasons on Netflix and now I am just cranking through them all over again) and crash out. I have a day off on Friday that I am not sure what to do with. I think I am going to play a few hours of poker and then go out at night. I might even sleep in past 11a for once! Hope all is well!


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