February 14 – Happy Valentines Day?

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The last few days have been really solid. Got lots of work accomplished and actually got to relax a little bit, which was nice. Sadly, as tired as I was on Friday when I wrote my last blog post I couldn’t fall asleep to save my life. So instead of getting a nice sleep, I rolled around for 4hrs trying to force myself to sleep. Same thing happened last night as well. And I hope that it doesn’t happen tonight. I went to gym earlier in hopes of making sure I sleep well being I have a student at 10a, and I haven’t had to wake up that early in a little while, lol.
Spent a lot of Saturday coaching. Had 2 students and then spent some hours discussing coaching with my group and also prospective students. After that I had to take a lot of the day off due to my computer being super slow. I was uploading my Stox video, producing my Tank session, and those each are fairly intensive. So did some light scripting for my new video and then bummed around eatting and play H3 for most of the night. No complaints at all tbh.
Today I decided to cancel my Tank. I didn’t have enough people lined up for it (which I blame my donk self for choosing a stupid day to do it, lol), so I slept in and woke up for a student at 4p. After that got more scripting done (a little over 1/2 done, all hands created, and images all created). This video should be siiiiiiiiiick if it all goes to plan. It is actually pretty damn hard to make on the backend given the details involved, but if done correctly, it will be awesome. So hopefully I can finish that up early this week so I can focus on getting my own product off the ground which has been on hold since doing all these Stox videos.
Well that is enough from me. I am going to crash out. Hopefully you had a solid Vday, and enjoy the song I’ve been listening to none stop:



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