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So I was talking with the creator of Flopzilla the other day and wanted to find some way to get him some more customers (as I am a big believer in supporting people who make quality stuff). He said he would give a discount to anyone who buys it and mentions my name while doing so, so you pay $15 as opposed to the sticker price $25 (it should also be noted that I don’t get a single dollar for this. This is strictly a discount that the buyer gets, I get nothing in kickback). Because I wasn’t sure if many people have used the software before, I figured I would make a small video going over how to use Flopzilla so you have a jump start if you decide to buy and use it.


It is a very simple program that allows you to visualize how often different ranges hit different boards, and also see how certain hands/ranges will hit the flop. I use this software a ton in my post-session analysis and thought it would be helpful for most anyone playing a HE based game. So watch the video (which imo is useful even if you decide to not use the software) and if you have any questions, just fire away.
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Hope all is well!


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