Free 100% VPIP Poker Video

This sweat video shows me playing 100% VPIP at 2NL.  I played every single hand which made for an interesting session that included lots of bluffs and creative lines.  I’ve actually used this session type in coaching sessions before because it forces so many new situations.  It’s an interesting session type that creates new spots and forces you to learn how to turn junky hands into winnings hands.  And remember, minimizing loss is the same thing as maximizing profits!

If you are looking for an exciting video with lots of action and button pushing, you will love this video.  And while this wasn’t meant to show you how to run 100% VPIP (because you really shouldn’t run 100% VPIP and expect to profit in the long run!), it’s meant more to show you how to make profit out of new situations.  This video is pure edutainment (1/2 entertainment, 1/2 educational), and includes lots of cursing…so view with caution!