Jan 26 – Stress Levels Are Peaking

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I know I am often times stressed, but lately the stress has seemed to be a lot higher. I don’t think I have much reason to feel so stressed out…but I guess working more hours/week and feeling like I have a bunch of looming projects over my head isn’t helping. I wrote the script for a new video (on playing AK), but haven’t had time to record or edit it yet. I took adderall last Friday to get it written…but ended up spending 3hrs working on graphics stuff (redesigning my splitsuit logo for tables and such) and didn’t have to time to record (which will probably take about 2-3hrs given the estimated length of the video). O well.

I have been hitting the gym a lot lately (in an effort to manage my health a lil better). My chest has been feeling really tight during the days (a small degree of what I imagine a heart attack would feel like, lol)…so I’m trying to make sure I hit the gym and eat a lil better as well. Doing at least a couple miles per day is helping me feel a little better. I’ve also been playing a fair amount of Reach at night just to dumb out and relax. I think I am going to take a full week off in Feb and just play video games all night and disc golf all day. That sounds like a damn good idea =)
Most everything else is going well. I’ve just been coaching 3-5hrs/day everyday…and spending other hours handling coaching emails, my forum, etc. I haven’t had a lot of time for other things…and as much as I want to wake up early to get some disc golf in…I am going to bed at like 2a every morning making a 9a wake up difficult. I can’t wait for the weather to get a bit nicer out. It’s been kind of chilly here the last few weeks. Actually, on that note…I am going to list off a bunch of random things that have happened over the last few days:

– I recorded two sessions over the weekend, and might try to record a free 2p2 video this weekend
– I finally got the Omega One album…It is fantastic (imagine DJ Shadow meets Jedi Mind Tricks instrumentation)
– Customer service pro tip: Don’t tell the customer they fucked up. ever
– I finally got the correct fitting VW emblem for my grill
– I have been scrabble crushing lately (making many people resign within 5 moves, lol)
– I have been watching a ton of old seasons of “American Dad”…very underrated show imo
– I created a coaching session called “PEAR”…I have very high hopes for it
– Hair cuts lower my stress level. I know this is odd…but w/e
– I bought the new Analytical NLHE book. It felt super odd buying a poker book after writing your own, lol
– Jballer has a sick podcast on CR about handling 3bets…great podcast for those who enjoy that kind of thing

And on that note…I need to get some sleep. Hope all is well with yall!


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