January 11 – What A Fun Year Already

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I am loving 2010 already. Landed in Vegas early on Friday. Was a tough flight because I was running on a 1hr nap, but no complaints overall. Got picked up, chilled around the house, and headed down to the strip for dinner. My X-GF was in town with her BF, sister, and a bunch of friends, so I met up with them, ate, and decided not to go out to the club and go crash instead. Def the best choice, lol.

Put in some session on Saturday then headed back down to the strip. My college friend had just finished her drive across country so I went down to meet her. Did the usual thing and played flippong over at Blondies with Jon and Randy as well, and met one of Jamie’s friends who was a cool kid. Def felt good to get out of the house and socialize a lil bit. I feel like I don’t do that enough. Got back at home around 4a and got some sleep before my coaching sessions on Sunday.


In case I didn’t write about it earlier, I started a deal this year with a player to coach him and I get 1/2 his profits for the year. The kid is a fucking beast. Worked him from 10NL to 50NL already, and he’s putting in retarded volume. It is really cool seeing full progress from a student, because usually I just work with someone and then I hear an update here-and-there, but don’t get to see exactly how they progress. This is a really cool experience and is currently acting as my protege program that I wanted anyway. Hopefully this is a big year for both of us =)

Did 3 students today, did the gym, and now I’m tired as hell. Probably going to play a lil Halo and crash out. I want to get some sessions in tomorrow before coaching at night. Hopefully all is well!



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