January 15 – Tank 1: Completed!

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So I officially know the most life tilting thing in the world…waking up to computer/technology issues. Not 2 months ago my laptop died on me for fan reasons, and this morning my damn 24″ monitor decided to bite the dust. So woke up really stressed because that was happening, I had a lunch meeting scheduled, and my Tank session at 4p. Ended up finding the “last” (in quotes because I’m pretty sure the store just says it is their last…not that it actually is) 24″ monitor in Vegas and bought it right after lunch. Nice to be back in business, though sucks that I went from a 1900×1200 to a 1900×1080…i assure you, 120 pixels means a lot, lol.

Did sushi with Matt/GTPoker282 from the forums today. Awesome little place that is all-you-can-eat sushi. It is always odd meeting up with poker players because I feel I just turn it into a coaching session, lol. I am such a strat nerd that we ended up making most of the convo about handling 3b’s and other fun spots. O well, I guess that is what happens when all you do all day is coach and play.

sushi ldo

Speaking of coaching, the Tank session went super well tonight. Ended up having 7 students in it (one no-showed) and we went a little longer than I meant to…oops. Was such a cool experience though as I have never taught more than 3 handed before…so it was fun having lots of people to cater to. Everyone was social, and everyone seemed to be on the right track through out it…so teaching CB-ing and 3b-ing seemed to go over quite well. I am running another one next week as well, at the beta price, and then we’ll see what happens from there. I have a lot of ideas for it that should provide a stupid amount of value for the student…so hopefully it all works out.

Nothing else has really been going on. Just coaching (I think I will be at 20hrs of coaching by Sunday…so it has been a busy ass week) and I have a Stox video series next month that I will start scripting. And I swear, I will get my chores done tomorrow…the ones I have been putting off all week, lol. Hope all is well with everyone…



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