January 18 – Damn Results Orientation

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Ended the week with just one student per day, which was a nice cool down to the week. I did 17 coaching hours last week, which is a little more than I normally do. Felt good to do that much work, but coaching that many hours is fairly intense. O well…felt good to do none the less. Decided to relax on Friday night rather than grind out. So Chris and I went to Cr-EAT-e for some burgers, played some H3, and just chilled. I got the urge later in the night to go see “The Book Of Eli” because I randomly remembered it came out that day…so went over to Red Rock Casino to see it. I’m not sure if I enjoyed the movie or not tbh…I certainly didn’t dislike it…but I’m not totally sure. O well.

Saturday did a student at noon then put in a session of my own. Weekend games are always hilarious. I made a mistake in the session so I got off it and spent most of the day trying to figure out why I did that. (For the record, the mistake was overbet shoving rather than going for a bet/bet line…still won the hand…but didn’t maximize…and playing sub-optimally is like the #1 tilt factor for me). I’ve noticed a couple of things lately. And a big thing is that I have become obsessive about my WR…and probably because people make such a big deal about it.


Now obviously this doesn’t matter nearly as much for the normal person, but it does when you are a coach, especially on a training site. I constantly get grilled about my PTR and judged on a metric that, imo, is only a small piece of the puzzle. I mean I tell my students (and mean it) that WR really isn’t shit. Technically you could be the best player in the world, play lights-out poker for the rest of your life, and yet never win another pot. I mean, its nearly statistically impossible, but the point is still valid. The important thing is how you are improving, implementing, and growing. The big thing about WR is that your WR seriously doesn’t mean too much. Poker, if you chop it up into slices, is just a bunch of samples. Certain styles/plays will work best in certain slices…and of course that is all barring normal variance. So unless you can show me a 2M hand sample size played within a month or so (what I would consider the normal “slice” for FR)…your WR is janked over many slices and thus isn’t “real”.

So why does this matter to me? Well WR is one of the bigger determinants of an “up in the air” customer for a coach. Don’t get me wrong, it is certainly important to ensure that your coach is a winning player…but it’s not the whole thing. Well this means that I have to super focus on my WR…I can no longer play poker just for hourlies and such…I have to maintain certain WR’s to keep people interested. So it has actually created a need for me to play results-oriented. No longer can I just play and grind mindlessly on a bunch of tables…I have to play less tables, hit a solid WR, and can only play when I am at my mental peak…no lazy sessions. This is stressful as hell. What also makes it stressful is the misunderstanding of what a good WR is now-a-days. A lot of people still opperate under the thought that “5PT/100 is the standard good reg WR”…it is not (at 50NL+). Ask Mpethy, the man who goes through more DB’s than anymore…and he will confirm with you that 3PT/100 is actually a damn good WR at FR. The game has changed, but the expectation from people has not.

That being said, I hate my WR from the past. I mean I could attach a bitch story to every person who asks for my DB screenshots about being 93BI below EV in 2008 at 100NL. I could mention that my WR is janked because I was trying a lot of different styles and plays for periods of time. I could mention that I was playing 14-40 tables for a lot of my samples. But, nobody (other than the poor people who just read this…my bad =( ) wants to read that. So I will take my 2.8PT/100 WR at 50NL, and 2.2PT/100 lifetime WR @ NL with pride…and focus on my WR hardcore for at least a decent ammount of this year because I feel I have to.

Sorry for the semi-rant. Saturday night I spent having a total ADD attack. I wanted to get some work done (had some writing I wanted to get done), so I took some Adderall to help…and it ended up making me focus on being un-able to focus. It was terrible. Got nothing accomplished except for a 1hr gym session at 2a…and a late bed time of 4a. Well I guess you could say I accomplished something as I went through my DB for like 3hrs trying to figure out hands and WRs/postion/hand and such…but just opted to pay Mpethy to do it for me on Tuesday =) Today I got a student done then spent the rest of the day totally zoned out and doing some business thinking. I need a vacation, lol.

Hope all is well…and sorry if you hated this blog post



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