January 24 – Weekend Update

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Good weekend overall. I had a last minute student on Friday which went well. Almost finishes up my waves of LeakFinder students that came in (about 10 really quickly)…so knocking out the work. After that I went down to the strip to meet up with a student that was in town. Ended up having a 2.5hr lunch, oops, lol. Was good though, ate at Noodle Asia (because I love their shrimp fried rice more than anything) and just talked poker most of the time. I have a bad habit of letting meet ups turn into coaching sessions, lol, but it works. Cool guy and always awesome to meet up with students.

That night went out to Cr-EAT-e again with Chris. I feel like such an old person doing the same thing every Friday night, O well. Came home, chilled out, and actually got to bed early because I was exhausted. Woke up late on Saturday which felt good. It was actually the first day in 2 weeks that I had no students. So relaxed most of the day playing Halo and getting some light reading done. Decided I would spend the night trying to get some videos together for Stox. Recorded a 2hr session at 25NL RUSH that went super poorly. And then a 1hr 4tabling session at 50NL that was alright. Had some interesting spots in it (like 4b-ing 66 FTW) which I might decide to use. I will record a few more sessions this week and see if anything seems good to me.

Got in a very odd funk from the sessions last night. It probably didn’t help that it was my first losing day of the year. I mean it was like -$40 which is a joke, and even more so because I had an K/A pop when I had QQ 15% more often than it should have…and missed the flop with AK 20% more often than I should have. It is no wonder why I pull no profits with these hands when I miss so much more often than I should. O well. I also made 2 REEEEEEEALLY bad river check/bombs at 25NL that were really FPS. I have a tendency to do that during videos sometimes though. Live and learn.

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Today I just bummed around after my 2 students early in the day. Got to do my lesson on draws which has to be my least favorite thing to teach ever. Playing draws is so damn dependent on, well, everything. Unlike AA or even AK where you can have a certain lined played for most of the time…you just don’t have the same luxury with draws. O well, hopefully I can get better with that lesson because I feel like it’s not my strongest lesson to teach. At least I’m honest =)

Alright, I’m off to sleep and then wake up for my week or work hell. Need to write 2 big things, one of them being my COTW and also get some vids done for Stox. Hope all is well!



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