January 27 – Weird Stuff Going On

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Week is going very well thus far. Finished one video for Stox due out 1week from this Saturday, and only have 3 left to do! The video was fun. Recorded a 1hr 25NL Rush video and did the audio after. Had some fun spots and talked a lot about how to approach Rush tables as they currently are. I am very interested to see how the Rush tables do in the long run to be honest. O well, they are fun and profitable now, so no reason not to enjoy it.

Not sure if you guys keep up with Stox news, but this Jason Ho thing is nuts. (not sure if the link will work, my apologies if it doesn’t) Weird stuff. Allegedly, he scammed quite a few people out of money in a bunch of different ways (shit coaching, terrible and overpriced strategy guides, investing into a fund that went pretty much into his pocket, etc). I will wait until all the facts are in before I give my comment on the whole thing. The whole thing comes with terrible timing for Stox (after having lost Leatherass, Jared, and Mbolt), but is terrible for the coaching community which is always on pins and needles in the first place. Hopefully things get straightened out quickly, but it sure makes for some nice drama at the moment, lol.


Everything else this week is going pretty well. Got some students done on Tuesday and have been prepping a video package I am going to release (under my name, not the Stox name). It should be fun and very unique. More details will come on that as I get more and more of it completed. As it stands now, it should probably end up being a 2-3hr video package (with a bunch of different and fun topics). I’m not sure on the pricing, but it will be very reasonable given the value. Speaking of that, Mpethy is co-coaching The Tank session with me this weekend. We will be going over using HEM to uncover some leaks and talk about how to patch said leaks. If you are interested, just let me know and I’ll give you the details!

Gonna head to bed in a few. My sleep schedule has been really odd. Randomly woke up at 7:30 the other morning (well, not that random. my roommate was grinding in the other room and I woke up to the bleeps and bloops of full tilt, lol) and then today woke up at noon exactly. O well, I’m still feeling really good which is all that matters. Doing the gym a few times a week and also eating decently (I won’t say great, but not too many calories per day and minimal junk food). Going to go play frisbee golf with some friends tomorrow and then work on getting another video done for Stox. Hope all is going well with everyone!



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