January 5 – Food Poisoning

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The last few days have been absolutely hellish. Sunday I had some coaching sessions which went well, and then jumped down to Boston to have dinner with my mom and sister. Had a nice (or so I thought at the time, lol) plate of scallops which I’m pretty sure gave me a horrible case of food poisoning. Spent the entire night puking and trying to sleep through it. Pretty much the most horrible night I can remember having in quite some time…

Had to drive up to NH on Monday to get packed up for my flight to Vegas (which I would have to leave my place at 2a on Tuesday to get to)…and luckily my sister drove. Had to stop at a gas station to puke again…which made me feel like the biggest jackass. O well…got to my dad’s, slept for 5hrs, and felt a little better. Still decided it was best (with the prodding of a few people) to get my flight changed, so I spent an hour on the phone with Continental who was not only kind enough to move my flight, but also wave the fee. So I slept all night and today I feel alright.

I had another video get released for Stox yesterday which seems to be getting good reviews so far. I did my favorite type of video (8 different hands with deep analysis done on them, opponent types and variable lines). My next one comes out on Friday for those that are interested.

Also, just a last minute reminder that The Tank session on Thursday still has a few more slots open in it if people are interested. It will be running at 7p EST – 8:30p EST. If you are interested, just fill out the app and I’ll give you more info.

I’m going to go put in a session or so. Hope all is well!



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