January 7 – The Year Is Moving

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So things are going along. Spending my last lil bit of time in NH just working and prepping my trip back. Have been putting in some sessions and everything is feeling good so far. Nothing really special the mention. The games aren’t great right now given everyone is trying to bulk volume for SNE, or SN, or w/e they are aiming for. But still enough mehREGs to beat on and a fish here and there.

Spent today just getting chores done. Did my first Tank session which sadly ended up being a bust. The original idea of doing a vid review failed due to mikogo being too damn slow. By the time we tried both Mikogo, Sharedview, and some different settings, 20minutes was gone and we decided to push it back to next week. That being said, I think next week will be a lot of fun. We got a good list of topics to cover and plan on doing like a 1/2 session of topics/concepts, and 1/2 session of HH review. So I’ll post up a review after that session runs.


Also have my LAG/framework video coming out tomorrow (Friday) as well…so I am looking forward to answering those questions once I land back in Vegas. Like I said in a previous post, the video is a lil more theory based and thus should lead to some more questions…but I look forward to it none the less =) Past that, I need some sleep so I don’t hate life tomorrow. Even just a 2hr nap should help.

Movies for the trip:

Sex Drive
Zack And Miri Make A Porno
Miss March

(I just need funny stuff while I’m flying…deep films tend not to work as well, lol)

Music for the trip:

N.A.S.A. – Spirit of Apollo
Lloyd Banks – Reborn
TelepopMusik – Genetic World

Hope all is well!



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