July 5 – Happy Day After The 4th!

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Happy day after the 4th. Hopefully everyone enjoyed the long weekend, the BBQs, the drinking, and the fireworks. I am pretty damn tired right now, but I wanted to get a blog post up before I went another few days without a post. I was out late last night hanging out with Equus and #1 Thunderfan (and their girls)…and had to be up early to get work done. Needless to say I need a nap…
So I lost my job last week. Business was down a little bit and as LIFO goes, I went. I am debating what I want to do right now. I have a month long vacation through pretty much all of August…which makes things a little tricky. It would be really tough to get a job in the meantime that would 1.) hire me knowing I am going to be gone for a full month and 2.) allow me to telecommute for a month in the early stages of working. O well…I’m not really worried about it. I think I might actually spend a lot of this time writing my next book (possibly two), coaching, and just enjoying life a little more.

I am also working hard on GP. The site is growing slowly but surely, and I had some sickO traffic yesterday thanks to a random stumbleupon surge. Social bookmarking can be so random like that. I am formulating some ideas on the site right now. I think I have an idea for monetization (as I’ve fully stripped all the ads in the sidebars)…but I need to get to work creating something for it. Maybe if I have some free time in the upcoming weeks I’ll build everything. It’s just one of those “sit down for 20hrs straight and hammer it out”.
And on that note, I’m going to go crash out. If anyone is going to the 2p2 party…feel free to say hi. I will be drunk, probably playing 5card PLO8, and wearing a hoodie with my logo on the chest. You can’t miss me =)


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