July 10 – My Birthday Tattoo

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The last few days have been a damn blur. My sleep schedule got epic bad. I think since Monday I have gotten about 24 hours of sleep (mind you the average person would have about 36). My productivity has been insanely low, and I am just now starting to get back into it all. So let’s recap the last few days, and things I forgot from last week.

First off, I forgot to mention that I did see fireworks on the 4th. I actually timed my trip to the strip (on purpose believe it or not) perfectly. I knew the Station casinos were having fireworks at 9:30 for 8min, so I left my house in time to not only see them from 95, but also the grand finale from the 15. Was a very cool experience seeing them like that, and also funny seeing people pull off on the highway to watch them. So I did see fireworks, and thus my 4th was a success.

My sleep started to fail over the weekend (as it tends to do), and got worse over the week. So my eyes have been in a lot of pain because my light sensitivity goes way up when I am overtired. But at least I have sunglasses so I was able to get all my errands done this week. Bills paid, checks deposited, food bought, etc. So although I felt like an absolutely shlub, at least certain things got done =)

Yesterday was my birthday, and honestly one of the best ones I’ve had in years. I woke up at 4:30a for some odd reason, and got some decent site work done. Also did some maintenance for this site, which I wanted to get get done for some time. Bummed the rest of the morning watching “Party Down”…an amazing show that sadly only has one season. Reminds me of The Office + Paul Rudd + speed. Finished watching that, then headed over to Club Tattoo at PH to get my tattoo done. I’ve been wanting to get my brother’s initials on my back for awhile, so my birthday seemed like a good day to get it done. Took about 45min to get the drawing fully finalized (I’m a nit yo), and then we finally got started.

Lucky for me, the pain was much less than the pain of getting my chest tattoo. However, I almost threw up within the first few minutes. I blame the fact that it was 105* and I was a little worked up from being over-tired and nervous. Lucky for me…no puking! So they put a fan on me, rubbed some alcohol on my back…and 30min later, it was all done. The pic was taken about 15 seconds after the artist finished, hence why its really puffy and red. Looks much better today after being cleaned up and the swelling going down. Second tattoo, done!


Went out to dinner with my house mates that night. Did CheeseCake Factory, and thoroughly enjoyed that. Then crashed out at like 9:30p. Felt so good to get good sleep, and I will say, it was nice to actually smile during my birthday…something I generally don’t do. Woke up today at 10:30a (I know…a real sleep schedule!) and did a last minute coaching session. I’m debating on putting in a 5hr session or work, or a bastardization of the two. We’ll see. Hope all is well!



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