July 13 – iPlay Poker

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The weekend was pretty relaxing actually. Got some work done, but mostly relaxed and took it easy. Got my sleep schedule back to something respectable, and I’m feeling much better about everything right now. My live stake ended as well (staker wanted to clear everything before he left Vegas, which I fully understood), so I spent this weekend playing some more online. Felt good, though I played much too loose my first few sessions back. Playing overly-loose on the weekend = waste of time.

But it feels really good to put some grindcore in. My roommate has actually been sweating a few of my sessions, and I think my play is getting sicker because of it. We really got to discuss some of the pressure points in FR that are super exploitable, and my LAG (26/23 ftw) game is getting even better. I think playing during the weekdays will be super advantageous for me as the table VPIPs are like 13% and I can just run over tables with 3b-ing, ISO-ing, and postflop prowess.

So despite a few set < sets, AA < KKs, and random crap, I'm back in the green for the month. Decided I would spend the rest of the day relaxing and went out to shop for a little while. Bought some new running shoes (because I plan on running at some point), and a few shirts. I love getting new things. And speaking of such, my tattoo is doing quite well...just starting to peel, but it looks really solid. I'll post a new picture once the peeling is done. And on that note...I'm exaughsted. Going to crash out and then get up for coaching and grindcore. Hope all is well, and enjoy this mix of songs I've been listening to non-stop this weekend.



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