July 21 – I Am An RPM Pro!

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I had been in talks with RPM for awhile, and we finally got everything finalized today. For those of you who don’t know what RPM is, it is a poker site on the Merge network. Very soft site, and a site I am proud to have my name attached to. My bio/profile got put up today (along with my silliest pic ever taken), and you can see that here. As a pro I am able to help those looking for a solid RB deal…so just let me know if you are interested =)

(Click above to check out rpmpoker.com)

Today was a rough day past that. Had some family stuff to deal with, and couldn’t focus for anything. I tried to get some writing done, and failed miserably at that. I got maybe 5 pages written before I just quit for the day and bummed around. I am off to get sushi in a little while, which will be perfect and necessary. Nothing like some Miso and midnight sushi to make me happy =). And on a related note, I learned that drinking soup with a spoon in Japanese culture apparently “scoops out the luck”…suffice it to say that I will never be using a spoon for my Miso ever again, lol.
Past that, life is good. I have some students tomorrow and want to get some serious writing done this weekend. I can feel it getting close. I am done with the biggest chapters in the book (3betting, CBing, 3b pots, and big hands)…the rest are just grind chapters like 4betting and CRing. Like I have said before…I will be so happy when I am all done with it.


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