July 23 – A Very Busy Week

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This week really got away from me. I guess I’ll start from the beginning and go from there. On Monday I didn’t do too much during the day. At night I grabbed sushi (Sen) with a girl I met playing poker. Never had that much social interaction with a female poker player before…was a cool experience to say the least to see how a female perceives things. After that I headed down to the strip to meet up with ForGlory who was in town for a few days. Played a lil live at the V and just shot the shit. Ended up booking a small profit, which was nice for the ol mental.

Tuesday I met up with a student and some of his friends that were in from the UK. Grabbed sushi was well (Naked Fish), and just rambled on about poker the whole time. After that we headed over to the V to play a lil bit. I ran kinda shit, took an odd spot, and to top it all off it wasn’t a great table (but I stayed on it because my student was there as well. So here is the odd spot, which I still kinda like. My student open limps from HJ ($300), the CO calls (who is a mega-fish idiot box that has $600), the SB completes and I check my BB with Kh7h. The flop comes KT3r. I lead $8 into $8 and my student calls along with the CO. The turn is the 6 and I lead $22 into $32. Both call again. The river is a rainbow 9 and I check. My student bets $34 and the CO looks like he is in a lot of pain and calls. I check/raise up to $107. Now, this is a play that is for value against the CO, but a bluff against my student. I actually thought my student would fold anything but the straight here…as I really “can’t be bluffing” given the fact that I am check/raising the fish. My student told me after that he would have…but of course I ran into the nuts and had to fold against his shove. Also, QJ should make up like no part of his range given PF…but that is another story lol
On Wednesday I sat down to the record a video and got mega-life tilted that the recording audio was pretty shit. So I decided to totally reformat the computer and just start over. I did end up losing some stuff that I wanted (that I forgot to back up between Sunday and Wednesday)…but o well. It’s nice to have a working computer again! Thursday was a rough day for me as it was the 4yr aniversary of my brother’s passing…so I took the day easy and just ran some errands and watched the movie “Twelve”…good flick…but not the right flick for the day lol. And Friday was spent recording 2 videos and getting some GP work done.
And now you are 100% caught up with my week. I finished editing a video tonight and have plans to go eat at Fleur. Hope all is going well with you!


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