July 23 – Calibrating System Settings

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First of all, tell me that “calibrating” isn’t an awesome word? Secondly, my bad for the time between posts. I’ve been working my new job, as well as trying to balance the family life, side projects, self-reflection/improvement, etc…and writing a blog post has been at the bottom of that pile. So let’s try to catch up on everything from the last couple weeks…

So work has been going well. Been keeping busy, learning, doing mini-projects, etc. I’ve also been playing a bit more poker as well. Did a couple live sessions over the last couple weeks, and I’m really enjoying it. Ever since the 2p2 party I’ve been enjoying live more, just taking a different mindset with me. Unfortunately the number of interesting hands is about zero. The only hand I can note was one where I 3bet an aggro dumbnut with AdKd, he called OOP in a 4 SPR pot. Flop came As Js 6c. He c/c. Turn was a 8s and he donked for like 1/3 pot. Long and short is he had 7s2s, lol. Needless to say, he was a pretty good player =)
Other than that, I’ve been considering getting one of the new Macbook Pros with retina display. I’ve never owned a Mac and the computer looks pretty badass, plus would be huge for my designing, video editing, etc. Plus the thing can do insane resolution, which makes it a huge asset when away from my multi-monitor set up. I figure if I buy it I won’t need another laptop for a few years, which would be awesome. I’ll probably pick it up in the next few weeks, but I do find it insane that it’ll cost me over $3K with protection, basic software, and general upgrades. O well…
As a last minute note, I need to redo my blogroll in the sidebar. If you want to swap links, just email me at splitsuit @ gmail.com . Hope all is well!.


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