July 29 – In My New Place (w/ pix)

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So now that I am finally settled with internet (and dare I say, reliable internet?!)…I figured I would write up a blog post. Finally got moved into my new place. Spent the better part of this week getting things I would need (TV stands, desks, chairs, couches, food, and all the other crap you don’t think about till you don’t have it…like a can opener). This has resulted in lots of trips, and mostly midnight trips, to WallyWorld. I love low prices for things I’m just going to throw out after I use them…but OMG WallyWorld might not be worth it. I went at 11p last night, and there were an endless amount of families there, with little kids in tow screaming the entire time. Who the hell brings kids out of the house at 11p? Then as I’m packing up my car, some woman effectively climbs in my trunk to ask me for change. Though I guess I should expect nothing more from a WallyWorld that was checking TWENTY dollar bills. *sigh*

The house is pretty comfortable. Way too big for just two people, but no complaints given price. Our family room is pretty bare, but a TV, Xbox, and card table with decks+cards is all we really need. We’ve been playing lots of HULHE (not sure if I mentioned it or not…but I am back trying to learn HULHE again) and I am getting better, slowly but surely. It is such a different game, but cool in that it is helping me see some spots in NL that I was missing before (and this is why I always preach “learn other poker games when given the chance”). Fingers crossed I start getting the hang of this, and hopefully I can get up to like 10/20HU by Christmas. Very possible if I start grinding harder.

Speaking of which, I am not thrilled with my performance this month (more so in terms of volume than anything else). I haven’t even hit 10K hands yet (about 1 session away). Though I am blaming a lot of that on the move and also the stress that comes with moving (I will not play if heavily stressed). Sucks, because I wanted to be a better help to my team, but it looks like I might only be helping them with a +4PTs. I tried to put in a session tonight, but I felt like I misplayed a hand, then missed an easy VB because I was being lazy, so I shut it down. I, for the first time in what seems like awhile, have no students tomorrow, so I will try to get some grinding in to get this damn score taken care of =)

That is the gist of what is going on. I might write more on a biz topic later, but I am pretty tired. Here are some pix of the place for those that are interested:



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