July 30 – This Might Shock You

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Have you ever had a week where pretty much everything clicked and things just happened…and happened well? That was this week. I got two full videos recorded and edited, got some prep work done, started doing some good stuff with GP, and went out on a couple dates with an awesome girl. I also got 90% of my week’s to-do list done…which is impressive considering some of it is out of my control. So all in all, best week in what seems like a massively long time.

I’m very happy thus far with my time over at PokerBank. I have released 13 videos thus far and have 2 more in the pipe (CBing and Baby Pairs), and all seem to be getting received very well. I am also taking hands if you want me to do an INVERSE style HH review with your hands. This is a great way to get some hands analyzed for free, and of course I will ensure your screen name is protected. I just like doing HH reviews with hands that I have no bias at all in…it keeps them interesting =) So if you have like 5-10 hands (raw HHs from FTP or PS please!) just ship them over to splitsuit[@]gmail.com .
I am also looking forward to vacation. I am going to spend a few days out in Chicago and then bounce out to Boston to hang out with some friends and family. If there were a time when writing this 2nd book would really happen…that is it, lol. I just got a fresh bottle of Addy from the doc so I am heavily debating just shutting myself in a room for 7hrs per day and cranking it out. I have a lot of ideas for it, and think it could be really awesome to just have done. But alas, I really would need to put my discipline pants on.
Everything else is going well. The dating thing has been really nice as well. I haven’t done a tremendous amount of dating over the last few years given my work schedule…but it’s nice to be finding a healthier balance in work and life. We’ll see what arises from it…but I expect everything will be positive =) And on that note, I am going to chill for a little bit before heading down to Cosmo to grab some pizza from a literal hole in the wall. Hope all is well!


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