July 5 – The Day After The 4th…

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This will probably also be a short post. I am relatively inebriated right now and need to sleep (to wake up for work in the morning). I decided to be smart and have my friend DD for the night (thank you Jon!) and went down to the 2p2 party with him and Kuge. Ended up getting pretty hammered off a free open bar and food, and played Chinese Low and some 5card PLO8. Was a very good time, and just like last year, I thoroughly enjoyed the 2p2 party. Only met up with the 2p2 FR house for a few minutes, and couldnt convince any of them to join our 5card PLO8 game.


After that we bounced up to the 23rd floor (some bar/lounge) of Aria to watch the fireworks. Sadly the view was pretty hindered by the Aria hotel, so I missed most of it. Was still nice to play some Chinese with Jon and Kuge and just kick it. Had a nice cheers to good fortune each of has had, regardless of certain things. Speaking of such, I busted in my last WSOP event. Got it aipf with AQ v KJ and caught a nice 7337 board until the J on the river. Was pretty life tilted yesterday having gone 0/7 not only on ITM, but on even making dinner break. I was called “oh-ferr” the entire night…but it’s a nickname I fully deserve, lol.
Once fireworks were finished we jumped over to some poolhall and played pool for a couple hours. Katie also joined us, and I hope I didn’t make too big of an ass out of myself. I hadn’t played cuthroat in quite some time, and on top of that the tip of cue stick broke. Still did alright as I won 3/4 games (and all of the 8 ball games we played before she got there). I would need so much work if I were going to hustle like I used to…but it was still fun just to play a little bit. And on that note…im off to sleep. I need to crash out and decided if I want to wake up early and get my car into the shop (as my car window busted) or sleep in and take of it later. I shall see. Take it easy yall


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