June 12 – iRant

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I have been busy as hell, and loving it all. I have been getting a ton of action from prospect students which has been awesome, and had 3 different intro-sessions this week. The new “PM for Coaching” title I have on 2p2 seems to be a much better marketing tool than the old post in the coaching forum. At first I was skeptical about the new change in policy, but I actually think it will be much better for the forums overall. It encourages coaches to post more strat (exposure, ldo) and brings up the level of solid participation. Good stuff for everyone!

Other than coaching, I’ve been going into Boston a lil bit to hang out with this girl I like. I swear, Boston is the worst city ever. For the listed reasons:

1.Every other city I’ve ever lived in has had a fairly grided layout of roads. Not Boston! Nope. In fact, I think they let somebody with parkinsons draw the city layout.

2.I think MA spends all of their tax money on things OTHER than road signs.

3.Bostonians seem to be mentally retarded when it comes to driving.

4.Let’s look at an example: The left lane is closing so you must merge right. It is closed in 1/4mi. There have been signs for the last 4mi letting you know of such things. And yet, these fucking retards speed up the last 1/4mi to try and “beat” people in. Fantastic! Good job sir! You just created traffic because you felt you were going to “fool” us all! Thumbs up to you dude!

5.There are just too many other reasons to list, so I will cut this short

Oddly enough, I feel better having gotten that off my chest, lol. Though I suppose I have to pick my poison. In Boston I deal with “entitled retardation” and in Vegas I deal with pure retardation. I just realized I’ve probably said the word retard about 92 times, so I will stop.

As far as poker goes, I’ve been focusing on coaching and business stuff, so I haven’t been able to put in much volume. I was supposed to go down to a Boston game with ForGlory the other night, but it ended up not going. O well. And on top of that, I had two checks frozen in the whole processor thing. At least I made some money off the deal, but I’d much rather have cash in hand =) So hopefully they get this whole thing figured out sooner than later. I also watched the most insane interview reviewing different view points on the whole situation. Without going into a huge rant (which seems to be a common theme in this post, my apologies), the government really needs to improve education rather than try to protect Americans by blinding us from the “evils”. DUCY? If a person is educated better, they will make better decisions, which means government won’t need to protects us from everything. Silly government

Alright, that’s enough complaining from me tonight. Here is a random playlist of Prodigy songs. I randomly found a few tracks from them last night, and was vibing for quite a few hours. Enjoy!



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