June 13 – Back From Vacation

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I meant to write a blog post before I left, but ran out of time and figured I’d write a post once I returned. The vacation was excellent overall, with pretty perfect weather and very relaxing (despite having lots of scheduled events). Not sure if I mentioned it before, but the main reason for the trip was to attend my mother’s wedding. The wedding itself was lovely and I wish nothing but the best to my mom & Ray…

The wedding was on Nantucket, so we spent about 4 days on the island. My GF and son had never been to the east coast before, so they had a blast seeing new things and doing a few new things as well. The only rough part about Nantucket is the fact that the streets are cobblestone and the sidewalks are all old/crooked bricks. It preserves the old vibe, but it made it absolutely hellish for getting around. The lady got me on a cane a few days before we left for vacation, so all the walking on really rough ground created a lot of pain/pressure for me. Probably not the best place to test my new walking with a boot/cane skills…but it worked out in the end lol
Other than the wedding we also got some beach time in, ate some great meals, and also went into Boston one day. We did a duck tour as I thought P would enjoy it, and fortunately he did. A duck tour is roughly a 1.5hr trip in an amphibious vehicle (so it can drive and also turn into a boat while in water) that goes through Boston while giving history and notes along the way. It was actually my first time doing one and I enjoy the hell out of it and even learned a few things. So after that, 100 pictures of Boston, and watching P drive the duck for a few minutes…we grabbed some food with our family friend and headed back.

Random stuff:

  • My sister also turned 21, and I got to be present for her first legal drink. Congrats sis!
  • I got really bad sunburn on the top of my head. That sucked.
  • I mowed the lawn (once back in Vegas) for the first time in the new place now that I can “walk” again!
  • King and Zeek are getting along well so far.
  • This is the first vacation in about 6 years where I did no work (other than sending out purchased videos/books)

The only hellish part of the vacation was the flight back. We had a layover in Houston, but due to the weather in Houston we had to redirect to New Orleans. After an hour wait in New Orleans (with a frustrated GF and dog that needed to pee badly), we finally left for Houston. Once in Houston we found out that we’d missed our flight to Vegas (the one at 7p) and they put us on standby for the flight at 9:30p. However, that flight got delayed until at least 11p, and we just said eff it, scheduled a morning flight, and grabbed a hotel due to being tired as hell. But because the Houston airport was so effed up due to weather, and tons of flights were canceled/delayed, every hotel in a reasonable distance was fully booked up. So we had to get a hotel like 30min away from the airport, which made the cabfare to/from the airport more expensive than the actual room, lol. The flight this morning was fine, but overall it made for a pretty stressful 24hrs…which happens.
And now, that wraps up my post on my vacation. It’s time to get back to grinding!


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