June 15 – A Very Long Day

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I officially work too hard, lol. Yesterday and today were both “days off” in which I did 3hrs of coaching yesterday, and 7hrs of work today. I ended up doing 5hrs of video production today and made a bunch of playlists for GP…and am tired as hell. I wonder what a real day off actually feels like. Must be absurd, lol. I was also hoping to get some disc golf in today, as the sun has been staying out until like 8p, but sadly it was too windy. Sadface.

GP is actually coming along well. I have quite a few top 10 ranks on Google (mind you this is after 3 months of being up), 2 top ones, and traffic is increasing slowly but surely. I think I finally have an idea for what I want to do for YouTube on it, although I don’t know when I’ll have time to actually implement it. Fingers crossed some time opens up and I get to cranking on that aspect of the social stuff. I am still getting used to all of this social media stuff, so it’ll take some time, lol.
Poker stuff is going alright. I am debating really diving into my next book and just finishing it. Students are picking back up slowly as well which is driving my motivation to do it (although the relationship to time availability makes it LOL). I also finished my 9th video for ThePokerBank all about beating fish…and those vids seem to be getting some love which is nice. I’m also starting to get my grind bug back…but I still don’t want to play much live. O the dilema…
And on that note, I am going to get some sleep. I am going to be down at the WSOP tomorrow if anyone wants to say hi. I am the white dude walking around my SplitSuit logo on my hoodie (can’t miss me, lol). I think I might be down at the WSOP a little more often for the next month or so…which will probably certainly make me want to play more live. We shall see =) Hope all is well!


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