June 15 – HellGate

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I’m not going to lie, I am very tired. The last few days have been terrible as far as my sleep schedule is concerned. I’ve been going to between 6a and 8a, which isn’t terrible when I look at it on westcoast time (the timezone my brain is still on). O well, hopefully it will get back on track when I get back to Vegas

So on Friday night ForGlory and I went down to the homegame in Boston (the game I’ve spoken about in previous blog posts). Got started at about midnight, and was happy that we started on opposite tables. Got started quickly and started winning a few pots. Won a big side pot with 2pr v TP+draw (lost the main pot to a set, standard). A few hands later I raise As2s, get a few callers. Flop Qs Js 9s. I fire, get raised, I super small 3b and get it in against Ts7s. We run it twice and I somehow hold I both spots. Another few hands later I get it aipf with QQ against AK for a small $250 pot, and win running it twice. Initiate Godmode yes?

So my image is garbage cans which I’m loving, but I can’t do anything with it. I get it aipf with KK v 99, and chop the pot running it twice. Have K3 on an A353A board, and lose to AJ (that he checked behind on the river with, LOL). Have Q9 on a Q8328 and lose vs A8 that again checked the river behind. Apparently people hate value.

Then the fun starts happening. Have KK twice in 2 orbits, both his Ahi boards MW, so I’m missing sick value. Have KK a little later in a 6way pot. Flop: Th 6h 2x. I lead, get 2 callers. Turn is a lovely T, and a I have to c/f against QQ and AT. Have 87 on a J87 board, calling bluff box calls (if this description doesn’t make sense, you don’t play enough live =) ), turn a is 3, he calls. River is a T, I check/call cuz he likes to bluff and bet TP there, he slowrolls Q9 (cuz thats the cool thing to do, obvi) and berates me for not stacking off there. Last fun hand of the night was as the game was closing. I call a raise with KTs in the CO, 1 more caller OTB and we go 3 way to the flop of 6h 9h 4x. OR bets for like 1/2PSB (this is ALWAYS a bluff), I raise to $26, checker calls, OR folds. Turn is the worst 4x ever so I knock, he checks back. River is a Tx and I fire $56 planning on getting calls from 1pr hands because my image is crap and the turn check probably confused him. Stands, huffs and puffs, calls me after 3min of debating. I show my KT, and about 30 seconds roll by before he shows 87. I swear to God, getting slowrolled live is maybe the most infuriating thing in the world.

O well, get back home as the sun was coming up, check email and pass out for quite some time. Wake up at 4:30p, do some work, and then go back to Boston with my mom+BF and sister to “Fire And Ice” (a Mongolian wok type restaurant). Got back, did birthday cake for my sister (who just got her first tattoo, which I might copy and get as my next tattoo), and then went home, tried to crash, and had ADD until 6a.

I put in a small session last night, and decided to play 6max. Was a ton of fun, and although I felt I was playing tight, it turned out I was running 51/42 with an ATS of 76. LOL. Nice to get my brain thinking about some new spots, and even though it was short lived, I pulled some sick profit for $0.85. So I’m off to the candy story to ball out. Hope all is well =)



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