June 21 – My Biggest Pot Of 2009

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This weekend was pretty awesome, albeit I feel like hell at the moment. Let’s start back a little bit…

Friday I spent most of the day working. Had 2 students, then did some business work. Still spending time restructuring and constantly tweaking. It’s very very meticulous, but my current style was counter-productive to the end product. So now I am spending a lot of time using a new bassline, and working to not only follow it, but understand it and implement it well. Sorry I haven’t been more revealing about the business, but when it is launched I will give plenty of details.

Went down to the strip Friday night. My friend is in town and the people she came with are fairly boring. All her friends wanted to do is sit in the room, sleep, and not leave the hotel. So I took them all to this little lounge that I knew of (at the Venetian, but at least it was new to them). They had the band doing all popular 80’s music, and it was a laugh riot to watch the older people (older of course being like 45) dancing their drunk asses off. Her and I cut out and walked the strip for an hour or so after being there for a while. Nice to catch up, and I love walking the strip…so works for me

I walked her up to her room at like 3a, and then went down the Venetian and grinded out a quick 3hr session. Only 2 big hands. I called a raise with :5d :5h , flop :Ts :8h :5c . Dude fires $35 (with $450 back) into $60. I raise up to $115, just he calls. Turn :Ks . He checks, I bet $185, he calls. River :Ac . He shoves, I snap call. He shows :Qs :Jc . Sweet hand dude! I reload to about $800 and then this happens:

My biggest pot of the year. I open to $15 with :Qh :Qd and $1200, 1 caller, blinds call. Flop is :9d :7s :3d. Check, check, I bet $40, nutter goes up to $200 (with about $900 back). Folds to me and I think for quite some time. Didn’t seem he would have a set with this sized raise, so I figured this was probably draws (straight or flush), top 2, a 9, a 7, or some random crap. I take a minute and then 3b to $585. He snap calls. Turn is a gorgeous :2c . I shove, he snap calls. The guy two to my right says “OMG THIS IS LIKE SET OVER SET!”, the guy one to my right LOLs and says “there is no fucking chance there is a set here”. I LOL in my head. River is a terrible 7d, but he shows a 9 and mucks. Sweet.

Got back home at like 7a, got to bet by 8a, and had to get up at 11a for 2 LeakFinder sessions. Did more work during the day, and headed back to the strip at about 11p. I was feeling sick all day due to lack of food, lack of sleep, and overall stress. But it was my friend’s last night in town, so I figured I would be nice and rescue her again since her friends were once again sucking. Took her over to O’Sheas (the casino with beerpong, blatantly made for college aged kids) and we met up with some old friend of hers who also happened to be in town. Sadly didn’t get a table for pong the whole night, which was fine as a lot of the players there were atrocious and annoying. Walked the strip one last time, and then walked her to her room at about 3a again.

Went back to the Venetian to do another session, but only lasted about 2hrs before I was tired. No real hands of mention. Though there were a few funny hands. In like a 6 way limped pot on an A5586 board, checked all the way to the river, a nit bets $45, and a college dude chats him and raises (aka, omg I has 66!) to $145. folds through and the nit JUST CALLS with 88. Says there was a good chance he had AA or 55, and didn’t want to risk that. LOL. Good table actually with this gangterish Mexican, but every pot we got into he seemed to hit stupid outs. O well, is what it is.

Got back at 5:30a, called my dad (3hr time difference worked out in my favor) to say happy father’s day, and then I passed out. Woke up at 5:30p, had “breakfast” (aka, dinner with the house that my first meal, so chicken and biscuits were breakfast), and am now typing this up before I pass out.

Hope all is well everyone!



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