June 24 – CardRunners Dinner

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So I just got back from the CR dinner and wanted to get a post up before I passed out. Was a very good dinner (over at N9NE @ Palms) which had really good seafood (considering it is a steak house). I had been craving some salmon for a little while, so it hit me just right (and their lobster was damn good as well). Got to meet some cool people as well (though I will refrain from name dropping)…and it was cool to think about how much money the entire room was worth, lol. Overall, damn good experience…and always nice to put some faces to names.
I have been playing a ton of disc golf the last few days. Did 3 rounds today, 2 yesterday, etc. I am incredibly tan because of it, and loving the exercise (each round is about 1.25mi). I am doing a lot of tweaking with my shot and trying to add some extra distance. In messing with my technique so much my scores have been suffering…but couple that with playing with OBs now, it makes some sense. If I could just sure up my short game a pinch (I am randomly struggling with 25-15ft putts) I would be much better off. O well…I will get it. I am confident that my new Destroyer will also become my favorite disc ever. Now I just need to control the damn thing, lol

destroyer disc

Past that everything has been going well. I have a few more coaching sessions this week, and then I am back to the WSOP grind next week. The book is also coming along slowly, but it is what it is. Eventually it will just be another task wiped off the list. And with that said, I am going to sleep. I am totally exhausted due to all the time outside, which is refreshing. Now if I could just improve my diet I would be well on my way to a healthy life style. O well, in time.


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