June 26 – Random+Music Playlist

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Just a quick update and a patch of random things I’ve forgotten to mention over the last week or so.

1.) While I was back in Boston (my last night oddly enough), I was attacked by a bat. I’m not sure why I forgot to write about this, but O well. Took my dog out at like 2a for his late nighter, and because I walk him without a leash (he’s a fairly good listener), he was out doing his business in the lawn. While he’s out there, I feel something just land on my left back shoulder (like if someone lightly threw a Nerf football at your back). I instantly got my shirt off, threw it on the ground (just as my protective 5lb dog comes over to help) and see the gross bat just trying to get out of it. Damn bats. Lucky for me, no bites or anything, just really odd.

2.) I went with my housemates to “Rosemary’s” last week. Absolutely delicious. I am a huge seafood buff and was a bit turned off by the panko crusted crab boulettes , but the shrimp tartar made up for it. Pan seared scallops for dinner and some awesome cheesecake for dessert…awesome place imo. Will def be going back, and because my housemates are obsessed, and it’s a little pricey, we decided that it’s a place to go when business stuff goes right.

3.) Business stuff is going well. Ended up running into a roadblock, but it turned out to be easily fixable. There are 3 main jobs, and everyone was trying to do all the jobs for their section of work…oddly enough though, everyone wanted to do 1 of the jobs, so we are just streamlining because of it. Cheers to Mr. Ford and his assembly line procedures.

4.) My sleep schedule is nut bad right now. Bed at 6a, up at 11a for coaching. Like every day. I need to get it back on track. I will rummage around for some left over melatonin after I write this.

That seems like enough for this random ass post. Sorry the thoughts are kind of haphazard, just wanted to write something. Enjoy the playlist…I heard a bunch of Jedi Mind Tricks this week, and wanted to share some of the ones I’ve listened to like 90x this week =)

Hope all is well



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