June 30 – Sleep Isn’t For Me

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My sleep schedule has been epic bad the last few days…so I have spent a lot of my time trying to sleep. It got really bad the other day when I had to get some work done by 5a, and then had the uFR draft for the July Challenge at 11a (btw, whoever made it at that time is a jerk, lol). So I stayed up, went to bed after coaching at like 3p and woke up at 9p. Aaaaaaaaaand the sleep schedule has been terrible since. Damn sleep…

This will be pretty scattered, so I applogize in advance. On Friday I went down to the strip and put in a session at the Venetian. Really couldn’t get anything going. Pretty card dead, and my SC’s were just bricking in epic ways. O well. Got back at 3a, put in a Halo session, and crashed out. In an effort to play more poker I have been playing a little 6max. Still getting used to it, so just messing around 3tabling 25NL and just trying to get used to how online 6max works. Not bad, but it’s odd thinking I’m playing tight and it turns out I’m running a silly 48/36 ATS: 77 3b: 9.

Also played a 2hr HU session of PLO the other day with Cwar. Very interesting game. I’m still trying to get the hang of it (because I want to be proficient at every game ever…except LHE), and I’m amazed at how different this game is from PLO8. I came from PLO8 actually back in 2005. I love the game, and still love it…but sadly it will never be big. The edge you can gather is just too large, especially in 6max and HU games, so the fish have no sustainability. Who knows…maybe a capPLO8 game could get huge =)

Other than poker stuff, work is going well. The product is moving along pretty nicely, and the time and effort is looking like it’s paying off well. I’ve also been experimenting with some SEO (to get the hang of how Goggle indexes things, etc) stuff that will help the business (so if you notice the title tags on some pages seem a little odd, that is why). I know I’ve mentioned it before, but because I am still pissed off, I will reiterate how angry I am that at no point in my college career did I learn about iMarketing. So I am still learning and trying new things to see what I can do with it…it really is amazing the opportunities available in it though.

And on that note, I am going to crash out. I’m looking forward to July for some odd reason, so cheers to it being a good one. Also, enjoy this song. Amazing to say the least



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