June 4 – On A Plane Soon

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So the week has been going pretty well. Been spending a lot of time on product finalization and it is insanely tedious. But, it is getting done, which is all that matters. My sleep schedule has also been getting increasingly worse. Averaging getting to bed about 4a and today I didn’t even wake up until 4p. Oops. O well, maybe I’ll get it back on track when I get back to Boston.

Random note…people in nicer neighborhoods are fucking odd. I got a notice on my car when I first got to Vegas (like, 1.5 days after I parked my car) that I had been parked their too long (72hrs in fact). This is laughable because, even though my math isn’t great, I understand that 72hrs = 3 days. Well I got another notice yesterday (mind you, these notices aren’t even from real cops, they are from local fake cops) on my car. They also chalked my tires to ensure that they can track if I move my car or not. Because, you know, young kids that park their cars in clear zones are the REAL trouble in Vegas now a days. People have odd priorities.

I have also been getting into using my Netflix a little more. My friend suggested a British show called “Coupling”…absolutely brilliant. Also watched “Dog Day Afternoon” and DL’d some other movies as well. Giving my brain something to dumb out too has been so necessary. I have been grinding with brainstorming lately so giving my brain relaxation time seems like a good idea.

Other than that, I will be back in Boston in about 24hrs. Looking forward to it, and then will be back to Vegas soon enough. Hope all is well everyone!



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