June 6 – Out Of Event 13

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I need to come up with some more positive sounding titles for these posts, lol. I actually busted yesterday as I played day1a (something I will not be doing for the rest of my $1K events), and just got around to writing a post today. I didn’t mean to sign up for the Saturday starting day. I would always prefer to take the Sunday starting day on these 2day starting $1K events because the internet kids will play the Saturday-day so they can play the majors on Sunday. Bad play on my behalf, but what can you do?
I busted just after 2nd break (same as I did in event 8). I just couldn’t get traction the entire time, as the highest my stack got the entire time was less than 2x starting stack. I ended up busting in a similar way to that of event 2 actually. I made a call against an aggro player in a very polarized spot where he is so bottom-side weighted…and of course was wrong or ran bad…either way. I am also 2/10 in aipf’s (my buster hand this time was my A7 v A6…6 on flop ldo). Hoping all the rungood is just building up for one sick ass romp =)


Speaking of rungood…Kurt did damn well. He final tabled event 8, which I had just so happened to swap 2% with him. So I went down to the RIO on Friday after my student and sweated the FT with the uFR house. Was a thrill ride, even just from the sweat POV. The winner was a massive luckbox, and ended up winning 5 20/80’s in a row. But there was a sick hand where 3 ppl got aipf with JJ v AK v AK (the 2nd AK should have snap folded PF) and JJ held busting 2 ppl in one scoop which was like a $30K jump for Kurt. Very fun stuff, but you could see how much 3 days of intense decision making takes a toll on someone, lol.
Past that, things are going well. I have been going back to the gym, 2x/week right now, which is a good start. Nice to be getting a little bit of definition back. The book is also coming along nicely, and this week is filled up with students that have been patient with my very inflexible schedule this month (thanks guys!). I will also be putting up my COTW in a couple hours, and will probably post that on here as well. Hopefully yall enjoy it!. Hope all is well.


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