Mar 28 – More Work + More Poker

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Things have been going very well. I actually took 2 full days off this week, which I haven’t done in a month or so. Tomorrow I am right back to the grindstone with 3+ hours/day of coaching for the rest of the week…but I’m not complaining. The last few days have been spent getting the house cleaned, food bought, and also buying a new fish. Unfortunately Samuel Roosevelt only lasted a day or so…so hopefully my new fish, Cornelius, will enjoy a much longer life =)

As the title says, I also played some more poker. Got in a nice session over the weekend, which felt really solid. The hands were pretty boring for the first couple hours as our table has 2 huge fish directly to my right, and I missed everything even though I was taking as many playable hands in position as possible. The only hand I had anything against them was a freeplay in the BB with 93o where I caught 2pr on a 9643Q board and lost to the fish’s 99, lol. But I ended up having some fun once I table changed when the fish left. I overlimped 98s from the CO and saw a MW flop of A76. There was a bet/call in front of me, so i just flatted. Turn was a J and I called when there was another bet/call in front of me. River was a T and bettor lead $35 on it. I randomly decided to raise to $126 total (leaving about $21 back)…rather than shoving because I thought it might induce a few extra calls. However, I’m pretty sure that I missed out on $21 in value, which is still lifetilting me while typing this, lol. I’m such a nit when it comes to those types of things though…
Ended up making a little more than a BI and then I just left as I was tired and getting bored. All of this coaching is certainly increasing my will to play, which I’m loving. I’ll probably go out and grind a little more this weekend as well, so we’ll see how that goes. Other than that, things are going well. I’m debating starting another side project as well (although it wouldn’t be as time consuming as some of my other projects)…but well see how I feel in the next few weeks (probably after I take my vacation in April). And with that said, I’m going to go kick it for a bit before dinner. Hope all is well!


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