March 1 – New Month!

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We are officially 1/6th through 2010, and I will say that I am liking 2010 quite a bit. Things are going very well thus far on just about every front. I have been extremely busy the last week (14hrs of coaching, 6hrs of video creation/editing, 4hrs of organizing/writing, etc)…and this week looks to be about the same. I have 11hrs of coaching scheduled already, and want to get a head start on a project (I might be writing a book finally!)…so I will be hustling quite a bit. I have also been playing more disc golf, although the last few days have been teeeeeeeeeerrible with the wind, and near impossible to play a solid round. O well…it gets me out of the house and has been helping me sleep easier, so no complaints at all!
I was hoping to have my protege program a little further along the road by this point as well, but I will blame myself. Everything so far has pretty much been a wash, and I am writing off the last month or so as an “education period.” I will say this is a very special experience. I am torn as a teacher in a few ways. First, I know I should heavily front load the coaching work. It is stupid for me to let them develop bad habits, and stupid for me to let them struggle when I am more than equipped to get them on the right track. But, by the same token, they need to struggle to grow. They need to go through hell to come out stronger. I did it, my friends did it, every successful poker player has done it. While I cannot, and will not, become permanent training wheels for anyone (student, friend, or protege), I think I need to improve in this area.


The tough thing about this kind of program is that you can only teach so much at any given time. Poker is an amazingly complex game. It forces you to become proficient at everything from logical reasoning, math, stat inference, mental control, fiscal responsibility, and plenty of other things. Sometimes it feels like you patch one aspect of a game, then another starts leaking, and before you know it…confidence is fading and then you have a mental leak to patch as well. While I preach, and mean, that winrates don’t mean anything, and that they should focus on improvement and not focus on money…it can be taxing on me. I want to make sure that they make solid amounts of money, not only because I get a % of that, but because it betters their lives now and in the future. And of course they want to make money as well, so it can be taxing on them. It is just a tough balancing act for me as a coach, although it is progressing me as much as it is progressing them =)
Sorry to ramble about that, it is just something I had on my mind. I know I’ve said this before, but this blog really acts as my journal and work recorder at the same time, lol. So hopefully it doesn’t bore the absolute hell out of you. Cheers to a new month, a fresh slate, and progression!


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