March 10 – I Feel Great

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I’m not sure wtf that sickness thing was all about. It seemed to just be a quick 12hr bug thing, and I felt fine when I woke up. Thank goodness, because this is not the week I would want to be sick. I have the megawall today (the wall = 3 students back to back to back, the megawall = 4 students all lined up back to back), and being sick for megawalls is the worst experience ever, lol. I only had two students today, got my errands done, and then took addy and worked right though, which was necessary.
I got some more writing done, which felt good. I also decided I was going to start making some little tools that people can use. Not sure if I will give them away for free (maybe one or two as a teaser =) ), but I wanted to create some visual tools that automatically show you the $ev of a play with some basic information. In making these, besides strengthening my dynamic stat skills, I am seeing some extra spots in my game I can tweak. Mostly in the betsizing department, but that is also because I am doing more thought on elastic v inelastic ranges. I always knew my years of econ in college would come to be useful!
Also spent like 2hrs today with my proteges going over one of their DBs. I had one protege do the entire analysis, and it went awesomely. You just learn so much doing these DB analyses, everything from correlation to standard leaks to line evaluation. It’s amazing how much I learn from every single DB I go through, regardless of style or sample size. And speaking of the proteges, they all seem to be on the right track. Everyone is doing the upwards green line which is all anyone can ask for. I am so excited to see where they are at in even 3 months.
Past that, nothing really of note. I have just been cranking writing whenever I can focus. Though a lot of it has been detail patching, reread, patch, rinse/repeat. I am very proud of everything I have done so far, especially with the pace and structuring. So hopefully all works out with it. I need to get to sleep and crash for a few hours before it is time for work. I will leave you with a video I found from the chat thread today…siiiiiiiiiick individual for sure.



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