March 24 – I Am A Donk

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I ended up losing my iPhone this week. Was out throwing discs (my new record at 54 over 18) and the damn thing must have jumped out of my pocket. Because I am in Vegas I assumed that it was probably sold for meth within 30minutes, so I bought a new one ASAP. Totally stressed about it because I didn’t want sensitive information from students being leaked, so I had to change every password possible. *Sigh* O well, at least I am back in business, just sucks losing a day of work because I am an idiot. And of course it is the first time I have ever lost, or even damaged, a cell phone in the 8years I have been using one…


Past that, everything is going well. Got some good writing over the weekend. And I believe I am on the calendar for Stox in April, so I have some videos to put together. I think I am finally going to do the frameworks/compartmentalization video, and then possibly one on smallball/longball. Not totally sure one way or the other, I suppose it will all matter on what I feel like when I wake up in the morning, lol. I also had a video get released on Stox on Monday which is getting received well. Never thought people would enjoy the DB stuff so much, but I’m glad people enjoy it.
I also randomly came down with some sort of sickness which has been kicking my ass. Couple that with the fact that my apartment had no hot water today, I have been pissypants all day. I am hoping the hot water is back on tomorrow, otherwise I am going to go on lifetilt. I always work better when I am clean shaven, and I can’t shave with cold water. Yes, I am odd like that.
Also, for those interested, I will be running a Tank session this Saturday at 4p EST (I tried to make another Euro Friendly time). The topic will be postflop play. I will create probably 25-30 hands that will focus on things like CB-ing, postflop play in 3bet pots, VB-ing, CR-ing, optimal line creation, etc. If you are interested, just shoot me an email and I will give you all the information you need. And with that, I am going to pass out and hopefully wake up in a much better mood/physical state. Hope all is well!


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