March 28 – Almost Back To 100%

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The last couple of days have been pretty damn harsh. Ended up getting some hellish sickness that really took me out. Very fatigued and overall a very unhappy person. Of course this was all done right when other stressful things were going down, which made for a slower recovery. But today I woke up feeling much better, and expect to be 100% by Tuesday, if not tomorrow. So fingers crossed that happens =)
Ended up running a Tank on Saturday, which I felt was kind of rough given my coughing fits. Ended up running it waaaaay longer than I had meant to (went 2.5hrs for a 1.5hr session)…I really do need to get better at that. Not sure if I am going to release the session for the reason that it was too much imo. But we shall see. I might run another one in the same vein, being that we only ended up getting through about 1/2 the hands I had gotten for it. But I liked that we got into so much detail. We talked about compartmentalization and also ran a bunch of hypotheticals. Certainly kept me on my toes which makes time fly.
In my sickness I also decided to finish up, or I suppose start and finish, the 5th season of Weeds. Not sure if y’all watch that show…but it was a badass season. I for some odd reason just realized that I could watch Netflix on my laptop, so I have been loading up on TV and movies to relax. Also got all caught up on Spartacus and have been looking for a new show to get lost in. Suggestions?
This week is shaping up to be pretty damn busy. Have 8 scheduled hours before the rest start piling in. Also have 4 videos due in April for Stox. This will be my last month on Stox due this being the last month of Stox. Not thrilled about it all, but hopefully it all works out for the best. I hopefully end up over on CardRunners, which would be cool as hell…but we shall see and I have a conversation lined up this week to find out what happens in the upcoming month or so. I think I am going to do 2 leakfinder videos (doing reviews of another player’s session. I have 2 reeeeeeally good sessions to work with), 1 very complex video on frameworks and compartmentalization, and then 1 video that is open. I’ll figure it out when I get there I suppose. A lot more work that I had planned for my customary month off…but I’ll get it done =)
And that will be enough from me tonight. Hope all is well!


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