March 3 – Damn ADD

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This is always my issue with having ADD. Having deadlines and structure is supposed to be the nuts for ADD kids. We desire structure and clear goals to strive for. However, deadlines seem to be the death of me. I have been writing, or at least trying to, a ton the last few days. Of the 16 hours spent in front of my word files, I have been productive for maybe 4 of them. Maybe it is because I haven’t had a hardcore deadline in quite some time that I have forgotten how to deal with them…but it’s tweaking me out. I need to figure out a way to work through this, lol.


And because of that, I am going back to the doc tomorrow to get another bottle of ADD killer. Fingers crossed I can find some days in the next week or so to take it (I won’t take it past 3p because I cannot sleep if I do). I am pretty proud of myself regardless though. So far I have almost a third of my writing started. Albeit, I have written a lot of this stuff before (for various projects), so a lot of this is detailing, patching, and structuring. I am happy with my work thus far, I just wish my time was spent with less “floating” and had more focusing.
So enough bitching from me, everything has been pretty good this week. Have been getting out every single day to toss the discs. Sadly, this is the worst time of year in Vegas with regards to wind (change of the seasons = more wind) and it has been hellish playing lately. On Monday I tossed my driver into a backyard in a gated community…tax write off =) Ended up playing the rest of the course out with a putter, which was total LOLs. It cracked me up that I actually played fairly well with it, but still hilarious. Ended up tossing a 78 the other day, a 72, and today I was on pace for a 67 but had to leave early for a session. Also ended up tossing my new driver into a backyard today, but decided to jump the fence and grab it back (I did NOT want to have to get yet another disc this week, lol). Damn wind.
In case you have not seen this thread, I started a thread on 2p2 about winrates. It turned into a cool thread full of discussion of live v online, WR expectations, and a little bit of stylistic difference. Now, if you listened to my last podcast you know where I stand on all of this, but it’s still cool to see how certain people view the variance in the game among other things. I also wanted to centralize the winrate stuff as I was tired of deleting new threads called “what can I expect for a winrate at 8NL playing 4.5 tables in a thunderstorm?”. I epitomize the “if something bothers you then change it” mindset, lol.
Alright, that is enough rambling from me tonight. Just wanted to get something written (and this made for a perfect distraction from writing other things =) ). Hope all is well


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