March 3 – The Gr!nd

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Ever since I got back in Vegas I have been working pretty much non-stop. I landed safe and sound last Saturday and have been doing a different project each day. My only “day off” was Tuesday, which was spent doing house chores and getting everything set up here. I’m finally out of my lease at my old place, which was a little bit of an odd feeling. I consider that my first apartment and also lived there for over 2years, so it was a little odd seeing it totally cleared out. O well…on to bigger and better things we go =)

Coaching has also been picking up, which has been nice. I have over 15hrs of coaching scheduled for next week, which I haven’t had in awhile. There was also a decent amount of coaching this week, which has really gotten my poker brain firing again. I want to do a free video for 2p2 soon, which hopefully I can do this week (I want to do a video showing how to get more from 2p2, which can be a bit of a scary task given the size of 2p2 now a days). I’m also considering releasing an article or something soon, and possibly selling a few chapters of the next book I was writing. I probably won’t ever finish writing the second book, but if I chunk it up into coherent chapters I think it could be quite valuable for people.
Everything else has been going well. My diet continues and I keep feeling better. I’ve also been going to the gym once a week on average…which isn’t great…but it’s better than going 0 times =) My lifts are starting to get stronger already, which I’m happy about…and my cardio is doing the same. There just isn’t enough time sometimes. I think my schedule will open up a bit in April, but for the moment, I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed and tipping on burn out. I have been doing some work to get the new site operational, but that’s taking some time. However, I was able to add a couple new products to the SS Poker Store. I added Qtip’s ebook on hand reading and his ebook on poker math. Both books received great reviews are excellent additions to any poker player’s library imo.
And with that said, I’m going to go finish up some work and then head down to the strip to meet up with my uncle who’s in town for a few days. Hope all is well!


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