May 15 – Getting Into The Groove

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I am quickly getting into the groove of the whole job thing. While it is kind of brutal working 10hr shifts, I would so much rather work 4 tens than 5 eights. I would say that I am already competent, but I still need full focus while handling business. Hopefully I get into fully proficient-mode soon. Though I’m sure that will happen in time.
I’m sure the dedicated readers have realized that I am talking much less poker in the blog than I used to. I really want to play poker, but my motivation is pretty dried up after Black Friday. It just sucks because I had so much momentum, and then boom, gone. It’s to the point now where I don’t even enjoy reading the mainstream poker coverage from BF because it just angers me. Hopefully these feelings quit soon.

Past that, everything else is going well. My roommate actually got one of those chin-up bars that you can use in your doorway, so I’ve been using that in between work so I can keep the heart rate up the entire day. I’m hoping this, coupled with my eating schedule changes, will help my metabolism pick up. Tis the goal anyway…
And on that note, I’m going to go crash out. I am super tired and need a good 10hr nap. Hope all is well!


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