May 18 – I Play Poker As A Profession

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So being that I do play poker as a profession, I have decided to start playing more poker (odd, right?). Actually played in a very interesting home game the other day that was shorthanded (by far my weakest style of play being I am a FR player). I played with a HU specialist and an MTT player who has had some solid live results. We played 3 handed and averaged about 600bb deep at all times. I got into so many new spots that I just cannot get into at FR (not that that is a terrible thing, lol) and we played hands face up every hand afterwards. So we played for about 4 hours, but about 2 hours of it was spent talking through strategy and alt lines…very good I will say.

So without going through every hand and how much my poker brain expanded from that game (I learned how to compartmentalize hands shorthanded the same way I already do at FR, which is a ridiculous strength imo)…some very fun pots were had. I called a 500bb over bet into a 350bb pot with 33 on an AcQc6dJdJh, I check-shipped J-hi a few times, and got into some other fun spots. So this got my poker juices flowing again so my friend and I went down to the Venetian today and put in a few hours of live play.

I got onto a pretty decent table and for once stayed at it the whole time. I just played 1/2NL (as my live stake for 2/5NL doesn’t start for a week or so) and got my image wet pretty quickly. I complete/called K7cc from the SB about 130bb deep. I end up stacking AK off on a K74 flop. I ISO a dude, get a few callers with QJdd. Flop QJ5, and I stack down some dudes oddly played AA. Don’t ask me why, but people just assume if you raise a lot or get to SD a few times that you are loose…they just don’t consider the hands you are showing down or the pot sizes you are creating with XX hand. So I get kind of deep with a few guys (who I just so happen to have position on) and some fun hands come up.

I ISO KT, hit AKT in a MW pot and stack down to a 70bb stack. I have AA that i have to fold in an odd spot on a J982 board. Then my favorite hand was I knock 54cc in the BB in a 5 way pot. Flop K59r. I fire $6, UTG raises to $16 (LOL), callstation (guy from the AK/K7 hand) calls, all fold to me and I call. Turn is a 4x, I check (awesome spot imo to check, trap in the callstation money and still stack off UTG’s KQ). UTG bets $25, callstation folds (WTF?), I raise to $69, he jams($180 total), I snap. River J, he shows KJ, I giggle cuz thats how I run.

And here is a fun hand that I am interested to hear what people want me to do. UTG (tight raise range imo) opens to $20, 2 callers to me, I call JJ in the BB. Flop J55. I check, fire $20 by UTG (LOL again, with about $300), 1 fold, an awkwardly tight guy minR’s (leaving himself about $110 back), I call (and cover) and UTG calls. Turn is the 2nd worst card in the deck, the J. I donk out for $39, get 2 callers. River is a lame 9, Hero…?

It really looks like UTG has QQ+, and the other dude has QQ or 5x. So what’s the line? If people respond, I’ll give my thoughts and action.

But nice to get on the bad side of a few spots and still go +2BI. Hope all is well everyone



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