May 21 – I Might Sell My Soul

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So the week has been pretty uneventful and actually pretty slow with work, which is a nice change of pace actually. We have been doing more idea generation for work-arounds than anything else and I think we have found some amazing solutions for the business. So fingers crossed they work like we think they will work, and better yet, that they don’t interfere with each other during integration.

I also had a few coaching sessions this week which went well. I’m catching my poker itch again at the perfect time (Series time) so I plan on putting in at least one session this weekend at the Venetian and then probably a few online. I’m not sure why, but I enjoy live for a certain amount of time per week. There is just something so easy about watching a person and understanding exactly how they’re going to react.

Also, in catching my poker itch, I think it might very close to time for a personal (if not 2p2) challenge. I would like to push myself to get SuperNova in 2mo flat. I could do this by 500K hands at 50NL, 350K hands at 100NL, or about 270K hands at 200NL. I am considering SS-ing for this. I have a full chart that I created that is +EV to about .7PT/100 and is very barebones…So I think with some adaptation it could get me to 1.2PT/100 which is about $75/hr at 200NL (24tabling) before bonuses. So I could crank SN out, make a decent amount of money while doing so, and only hate life for 2mo =)

I don’t know yet, we’ll see how the business stuff is going at that point. I obviously cannot do that now as business is taking up like 12hrs/day, but maybe in the future after launch that could be a possibility.

Ok, that is all for me today. I’m off to the airport to pick up my Aunt/Uncle and do lunch. If anyone is at the Venentian on Friday night, I always wear my SplitSuit hoodie (I have my logo on my chest and also on my wrists), so say “hi” =)

Hope all is well everyone



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