May 26 – All Registered

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The last few days have been good. I have been getting all of my work done and staying on top of things as much as possible. Getting my phone calls done, book writing done, coaching done, etc. I haven’t been focusing well, but that is nothing really new. I have also been doing some more shortstacking sessions, and enjoying it thus far. already 6SSBI down in EV, but that is nothing new either. Overall, things are going alright.
I headed down to the strip to do the rest of my preregistering for WSOP events. Ended up seeing Lex from HSP while I was there…which was odd seeing someone that you watch on TV in real life. Obvi I didn’t say anything to him cuz I felt that would be odd. Got back home, did some office work, and then finished up coaching for the day. I have been really tired the last few days, but I guess all of the disc golf will do that. I have been really consistent the last few days throwing around 56-58 every round (which I think is about -5 for the course). So no complaints from me.
Also, if you remember back to an old post I wrote about losing my iPhone. I randomly got a call from my dad yesterday saying that he got a call from the person who found my phone. I ended up driving over and picking it up yesterday, and now I have 2 iPhones. I just wrote it off and assumed that I would never see it again…so I thought it was pretty cool that someone turned it in rather than pawning it for meth. No lie…I can be a huge life luckbox sometimes =)
Past that, nothing else is new. Just working, playing disc golf, and working some more. I need to sleep though…so hope all is well with everyone!


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