May 27 – Bills Are Stupid

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Lucky for me that burrito did not give me food poisoning! Crisis averted. I still took Sunday pretty easy and then starting hitting the horse hard again on Monday. Had a quick student on Monday and then started doing a lot of product development for the new business. Afterwards I got to do a little logo design and other graphical work (which I love doing), and it felt good to exercise some of my creative brain…the poor right side of my brain gets no action sometimes.

*The Logo*
pure logo
*The Logo*

Also got all my errands done today (bills paid, mail sent, appointments made, etc) which felt good. I sometimes have the really bad habit of forgetting to pay bills. Not because I cannot afford them, I just let my ADD get the best of me, and before I know it’s 2 months later than I remember it being. O well, they always get paid which is all that matters.

One of the appointments I made was for my car window to get fixed on Wednesday. I have to wake up at like 6a to get there in time, which is just insanity. I don’t think I have seen 6a by choice in almost 2 months…gross. This is why I can never get a traditional 9-5, I would never get to work on time =) Ok…that’s just one of the many factors, and one I probably shouldn’t share with my mother lol.

I’ve also thought of some awesome blog posts for the near future. I want to start doing some hand analysis and also a little off-topic thought stuff. I want to use this blog for as much random junk as possible, so if you have any ideas, fire away =)

Hope all is well everyone



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