May 28 – mmmmmmm…..Steak!

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So work has been going very well. Did some restructuring today, and have been finalizing the product as well. Feels good to be going in the right direction. I start my live stake tomorrow, so I can finally start grinding more live. So fingers crossed I get a good jump on it and maybe I’ll be at 5/10 sooner than later =)

Other than that, it’s nice to have my car back in shape again. I always feel like a bum if I cannot use my car for any reason. Though I also feel isolated if my Internet isn’t working at any given time, so I think it’s just more that I need the option at all times. I really think that is a side-effect of our generation. We need connectivity and options at all times, we are the generation of Internet and customization, so I suppose it isn’t that surprising.

I am also going back to Boston in a week. My sister is graduating highschool and then her birthday is a week later, so I’ll be around for that, and head back to Vegas in mid June. Kind of sucks because those are great grind weeks, and also kind of imperative to the product launch, but I will still be hustling. Will be good to see family again, as it feels like awhile (even though it’s only been a month, lol)

And here is a random playlist I’ve been listening to for the last few hours. Thank you ForGlory for the find on Justice =)



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